Yunnan Mengzi Pomegranate 雲南蒙自石榴 (4 pcs)


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Product of Yunan

Mengzi pomegranate is one of the six major producing areas in China and has been planted for more than 700 years. The main product is sweet green seed pomegranate, with a planting area of nearly 100,000 mu.

The Mengzi pomegranate was originally produced in Persia (now Iran in the Middle East) and was introduced to China in the second century BC. The names are Danruo, Wodan, Golden Papaver, and Pomegranate. It is said that in the Han Dynasty, Zhang Qian was an envoy to the Western Regions, and he planted and cultivated from the Tulin Anshi country. Therefore, Yuan Zhen in the Tang Dynasty had a poem of "How long is the Anshi country, Wanli Gong duohua, handed to Heyuan Road, because of the Han Dynasty", the pomegranate also Hence the name An Pomegranate.