Le Rocher des Violettes

Le Rocher des Violettes

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(Organic & Biodynamic)


Clear, day-bright. Medium lemon, reflections of straw and gold in the glass. No gas or sediment. Moderate tears.

Moderate intensity. Clean.
Slight lime character. Earthiness - slight funk. Slight honeyed character, but not overt botrytis. No oak influence. Slight nuttiness.
Overall primarily savory.
Youthful, with a little complexity.

Medium body, Alcohol is moderate: ~12.5% [actually 13%]
High acid, combination of tart malic and strong tartaric. No phenolic bitterness.
Balanced, moderately complex. [didn’t note the finish, but I recall it as medium/moderate in length].

This is an old world wine, from a moderate to cool climate.


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