Disinfectant Spray (Type II) 複方消毒噴霧(II型) 30ml


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Name: Compound Disinfectant Spray (Type II) 30ml
SKU: 002738

Disinfection effectively kills 99.99%

Product performance: This product can kill polio virus (representative of the virus),
EV71 Enterovirus (Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Virus), Etoxin Type 11,
Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus,
Candida albicans, and common viruses and bacteria in society.
● Scope of use: It is used for disinfecting the surface of various objects, hands and skin in hospitals, schools, public places and homes.
● How to use: Use the original solution to spray or wipe on the hands and skin or objects that need to be disinfected.
● Always spray with you, suitable for traveling and going out everyday.
Name: 複方消毒噴霧(II型) 30ml
SKU: 002738



產品性能: 本品可殺活脊髓灰質炎病毒(病毒的代表)









●使用範圍: 用於醫院、學校、公共場所及家居等各種物體表面和手、皮膚的消毒。


● 使用方法: 使用原液噴霧或擦拭於需要消毒的手和皮膚或物體表面。


● 隨身攜帶時時噴、適合出門旅遊、日常外出。