Greenland Halibut 格陵蘭大比目魚

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Greenland Halibut 格陵蘭大比目魚

Size: 400g per pack

Greenland halibut lives at depths between 200 and 2,000 metres. It can be found from Ittoqqortoormiit in East Greenland, south on Cape Farewell, up to Qaanaaq in Northwest Greenland and beyond. The fish is caught by longlines and trawl. Polar Seafood is involved in catching, processing and freezing immediately after catch, ensuring excellent freshness and firm meat.

The Greenland halibut fishery is the second largest contributor to the Greenlandic economy. The fishery plays an important role for the coastal communities and for the country as a whole.

All catches from the coastal areas and part of the offshore catches are landed to processing plants on the coast. The Greenlandic fishing industry and the government are both active in preserving this resource for future generations of Greenlandic fishermen.