Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner 消毒潔廁精 (升級版) 700ml


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Name: Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner (700ml)
SKU: 379317

This high polymer-formula has remarkable abilities to remove the most difficult stains from toilet bowls and urinals.

Phosphate-free, antiseptic and deodorize

Unique bottle design for fast and easy apply to under-the-rim part.

Daily-use can also brighten and disinfect your bathroom.


Name: 消毒潔廁精700ml (升級版)
SKU: 379317
產品性能 :

本產品配方獨特 , 有效去潰 , 定期使用廁盤潔淨 , 加倍清潔衛生. 獨特的瓶身設計 , 更適合徹底清除內坑的污潰 .