Disinfectant Kitchen Cleaner 廚房清潔液 500ml

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Name: Disinfectant Kitchen Cleaner (500ml)
SKU: 365378

This product quickly penetrates and dissolves tough dirt, stubborn stain, grease on all washable surfaces.

Keep your kitchen clean , inhibit bacterial growth.

Spray on stain, wipe with wet cloth, rising is not required.

Name: 廚房清潔液500ml
SKU: 365378

產品性能 :

滲入污潰內部 , 加速分解 , 有效去除類頑固油污 . 去除廚房常見的易滋生細菌 , 保持衛生 . 停留片刻 , 用濕布一抺即可 , 省去過水麻煩 , 不留殘餘 .