Disinfectant Cleaner 消毒綠水 (1800 ml)

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Name: Disinfectant Cleaner (1800 ml)
SKU: 328393

This product is an effective multi-purpose disinfectant and deodorizer for household germs-killing and cleaning of grease, stains, and dirt.

It can also be used for cleaning to prevent insects and virus. Its special emulsifying formulation enables to kill 99.9% of germs.

Together with natural pine extracts, it provides a fresh disinfectant smell.

You need not to use detergent and germicide for cleaning and disinfecting simultaneously. It is a useful helper or industrial, commercial and household cleaning. 


Name: 消毒綠水1800ml
SKU: 325393

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消毒綠水為多用途消毒, 清潔除臭及闢味劑, 能有助防止及避免家居蚊蠅細菌滋生. 對清潔油垢和頑固污漬尤其有效. 本品特有乳化效果, 殺菌力高達99.9%配合上天然松樹提煉成份, 用後氣味清新怡人. 無須先用漂白水消毒後再用清潔劑清潔; 方便快捷. 因此, 詩樂氏為新一代家居及工商業之清潔、殺菌消毒及除臭闢味之好幫手 .