CheckCheckCin Dusk Rice Water 夕米水 (紙包裝)- 250MLx1


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CheckCheckCin is founded by Cinci Leung, a registered Chinese medicine practitioner in Hong Kong, is the author of best-selling book series "Chinese Healing Soups". She hopes to share her insights and knowledge of how simple adjustments in your daily diet can help maintain your health.

CheckCheckCin means "to check first" in Cantonese. Checking first will kick-start a balanced living, which is the key to a new preventative approach using traditional Chinese medicine principles to make easy and healthy decisions.


梁尹倩 Cinci ECCheckCheckCin 創辦人, 香港註冊中醫師。出版暢銷書籍《飲湯—調理體質由飲湯開始》及《飲湯2—小兒調理體質由飲湯開始 》,讓大眾輕鬆學會從飲食上調理個人體質,成為自己的醫生。CheckCheckCin 粵語意指「先檢後查」,先檢後查與平衡生活就是嶄新中醬保健的關鍵。








下午五至七時是腎經循行的時間。黃昏時段飲用特別調配的夕米水有助趕走疲態,減低虛耗, 消除疲勞。


原產地: 台灣


100% natural

Aseptic cold fill

No additives, preservatives or artifical coloring

Rice water is important for healthy spleen and stomach

Aid digestion, improve nutrient absorption and relieve water retention

Best to consume during 5-7pm, this rice water contains black beans and black sesame that can reduce body depletion and fatigue, as well as replenish the kidneys to improve hair quality


Country of Origin: Taiwan