California Plumcots 加州杏李 (4 pcs)


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Product of USA 

由李子樹(Plum)與杏樹(Apricot)所雜交而成,天然的杏李早已被發現,但直到19世紀末才由園藝家 Luther Burbank 以50%李+50%杏雜交而成,並取其前(Plum)後(cot)名稱命名之,即 Plumcot。 

Plumcots are the best of both worlds. It’s what happens when you cross pollinate between plums and apricots and the results are delicious. Each variety has a relatively short window of availability, about three weeks on average, so that means you’ve got to get them quick! Plumcots are also known as Pluots®.