Australian Wagyu Patty 澳洲和牛漢堡扒


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Australian Wagyu Patty 澳洲和牛漢堡扒

Simple Recipe, no need to thaw!

Panfry medium high heat (while Frozen) for  7- 8mins!


Flame Grill (while Frozen) for  7- 8mins! 

Each patty is 130g


These are the burgers that will shatter everything you know about what goes between two buns. Made from our prime Australian Wagyu beef, each of these patties are full of rich, high marbled Kobe-style beef, juicy, flavorful and just plain amazing. Completely all-natural, these will be buns-down the best you (and your lucky friends if you invite them) have ever tasted.

Grilling advice: the superb, extra juicy fat marbling on these burgers will melt over the grill, so watch out for flare-ups. Australian Wagyu cows are from the same purebred stock as the cows used to produce the famous and coveted Japanese Kobe beef.

They're raised in lush Australian pastures, allowed to graze freely on nutritious - and delicious - grasses, and then finished with 300 days of grain feed, never given hormones or antibiotics.