Disinfectant Wet Tissue 消毒濕紙巾80片裝 (80 pcs)

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Name: Disinfectant Wet Tissue (80 pcs)
SKU: 375301

This product has an unique skin-care formula to make baby’s skin soft and smooth.


Can be used to wipe hands, face and body to protect baby against bacteria

Name: 消毒濕紙巾80片裝
SKU: 375301

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 ★消毒殺菌 ★ 不含酒精(無刺激, 防敏感) ★含蘆薈

• 擦拭及消毒皮膚, 如手 ,面部 ,咀唇等,亦可用蚊蟲叮咬﹑粉刺等..

• 含蘆薈 , 性能溫和 , 不含酒精, 適用於嬰兒及幼嫩肌膚

• 質地柔軟 , 舒適如棉